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Cave and environmental loggers



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After 3 months in a cave river, a bit battered but still going strong with full data logging.

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Very robust temperature logging module, can be teathered in a river or sea and left for over 3 years. 

Can be buried underground or left in freezing conditions down to -25 deg C.

It will log the temperature and time once every hour or once every 30 mins.

Almost unlimited data storage due to sizes of SD cards.

Data is stored on a removable micro SD and unloads straight into Excel speadsheet.

No extra software or cables to buy, works straight out of the box, in fact you can't even turn it off, it just keeps logging!

CO2 data logger.       £305

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4 sampling periods

1.  10 minutes

2.  30 minutes

3.  1 hour

4.  3 hours

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Easy to calibrate, see calibration document.

CO2_Logger_Calibration Method_Iss_4PCBs.pdf
Cal method sheet
CO2_4%_Logger Spec_8.3.pdf


CO2 6% Data Logger        £355


Same design as for the standard 4% CO2 logger, but will log CO2 levels up to 6%.

Easy calibration method.

Logs atmospheric levels and temperature levels.

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CO2 10% & 30%Data Loggers   £375 each


Two New products


Same design as for the standard 4% CO2 logger, but will log CO2 levels up to 10% and up to 30%.

Easy calibration method, (push button).

Logs atmospheric levels and temperature levels.



    O2 Data Logger.  £325

    Same basic design layout as for the CO2 Data Logger.

The Oxygen Sensor is based on electrochemical principles, it can measure the ambient O2 concentration accurately and conveniently.

  • Measurement Range: 0~25%Vol
  • Maximum Measurement limit: 30%Vol
  • Resolution: 0.15%Vol
  • Stability: <2% (Every month)
  • Repeatability: <2%
  • Response Time: ≤15 seconds
  • Operating Temperature: -20~50℃
  • Operating humidity: 0~99%RH (no condensation)
  • Pressure Range: standard atmospheric pressure ±10%
  • Lifetime:> 2 years (in the air)
  • The sensor is a 'plug-in' modules and easily changed.
  • Simple calibration via push button.
  • Includes Temperature and atmospheric pressure logging

Data logged on SD card is easily transported into Excel as shown opposite.
No extra software required, no extra cables!

Will log for over a year on one set of batteries, while being dripped on!

O2 Logger_Spec_2.pdf
Short Spec


CO2 + O2 Data Logger            £375

Same basic design as for the CO2 4% logger, BUT now incorporates the O2 25% sensor as well.

So now you can log:



Air Temperature

Atmospheric pressure



Every 10mins or 30 mins or on the hour or every 3 hours.

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Stalactite Drip Count Loggers (From £135)

Drip-In-Time  Logger  ( £195 )

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  Stalactite drip count logger.

Counts drips for upto 3 years on one battery. 

Also logs temperature and atmospheric pressure in real time.

Minmum water drip height required: 200mm

All data stored on removable micro SD card with almost unlimited data storage. 

Upto 65k count within each sample period.

Sample period either once an hour or every 30 mins.

Small display shows current count value, temperature, atmospheric pressure and real time.

Sharp tap on lid enables display.

Data loaded straight into Excel spreadsheet, no other software required.

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Drip-In-Time Specification_Iss4
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BIG-DRIP Data Logger               £155.00

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Each module has it's own unique serial number used for the logging file name, this number is also visible through the clear base section.

A yellow LED flashes at every valid drip and a red LED flashes at every 'sample' period.

A 'test' header on the internal PCA board enables an instant 'sample' to be taken and  logging data is then stored on the SD card. This is useful as a confidence check before setting the module in its final 'drip' position.

No software to set-up, they are ready to go straight out of the box, just set the switches as required to set the sample period and away they go!

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Another batch ready to go out

Setting the time_Big-Drip.pdf
How to set the time on the Big-Drip Data Logger



Designed to monitor remote river or lake water levels to a high accuracy and transmit the water level data back to any mobile phone via text messaging.

Recieved data also includes water temperature, air temperature,  time and date and internal battery voltage.

Almost un-limited data logging via Micro SD card fitted within the logging unit.

All sensor data is sampled every 30 mins and stored on the SD card, together with the date and time.

If the lower or higher alarm levels are reached during the sampling period the system will automatically send all the sensor data to mobile phone number 1 as an alarm update.

Re-chargable batteries used together with a solar panel keep the system running maintaince free. The logger will run for 2 months without any sun.

Three systems are avaliable, 0 to 2m height, 0 to 3m height and 0 to 4m height.

The actual water depth sensor uses a new type of pressure sensor to determin the depth or head of water, the sensor cabling includes a small tube so as to take into account the local air pressure and adjust the returned reading.

The accuracy is great, even on the 4m length the resulotion is down to 4mm,

with a full scale accruacy of 0.2% and working temperature range of -40 to +85 deg C.

The sensor is manufactured from stainless steel and is IP68 protection.

To recieve the data over SMS text messaging system, just dial into the logger and within 60 seconds all the current sensor data is returned and time stamped.

Dial in with no cost from any mobil phone, the logger will then return the data to any two (pre-loaded) mobile phone numbers.

A very low cost SIM card can be used for the mobile data transmission, currently Giff-Gaff SIM cards cost approximatly £6 GBP per month with unlimited text.

Simple USB interface allows the customer to set the 'location' text, set alarms for low level and high level measurements (in cm) and add one or two mobile phone numbers.

 Via a push of a monitoring button it will also send a  text message to check the mobile phone status during installation.

The data logger uses an IP67 sealed box, nothing exciting about the look of it, the mobile phone antenna is sealed within the box.

The cables to the depth sensor and water temperature sensor are enclosed in a flexible plastic conduit tube, so as to aid some protection.  The two sensors are enclosed further within a very strong ABS tube that can withstand some serious thumps.

A rope hitching ring is attached to the housing so as to tie or weigh down the sensor module.

The sensor module can lay horizontal as well as upright, same depth reading.

The supplied solar panel connects to the unit via it's own IP67 plug and socket, there is an on-board solar panel voltage regulator to ensure correct charging of the batteries.

The batteries consist of 8 AA standard Ni-Cd cells in a sprung loaded battery holder, easy to replace!

Standard AA non-rechargable batteries can be used without the solar panel being fitted, but will only last about 4 weeks.


FROM £320

Air Particle Data Logger Specification


Air Particle Data Logger (see specification above for more details)

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(From £165)

These devices are IP67 sealed quad band auto-dialers with internal batteries.

Upto 4 seperate input trigger lines can trigger different transmission sequences.

Designed to operate for over 2 years on one set of standard AA batteries in very harsh conditions.

Low running costs using standard sim cards, (GiffGaff,about £6 per month).

Ten mobile phone numbers can be included and 5 different text messages sent.

All messages and phone numbers input via freeware software by the customer using a standard USB cable.

An 'Alive' signal with battery status may be sent either every Wednesday at 12.00 midday or once a month on the first day of every month.

Not 'pretty' looking, but designed to be in messy places!


(From £350)

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Logger Specification issue 2

Cave Airflow and direction data logger.  £320


The system comprises of a waterproof logger unit housing the electronics and batteries together with a dual airflow sensor connected via a 4m cable.


The airflow sensor unit has two digital output sensors fitted.

The sensors are very sensitive  and will measure from 0.1 to 7m/s air flow


 It is not designed for high airfows as in weather stations.


Using two special sensors it is possible to detect the air flow in two directions, (mainly for use in cave passage ways) .


The logger unit can be placed upto 4m away from the logger unit via the cable.


The sensor is 'handed' with LEFT and RIGHT markings that ties up with left or right data that is being logged.


 The logger unit is IP67 rated and the sensor unit plugs into the back of the logger unit, so both can be removed for transporting.


 The electronic boards in both the sensor and logger are coated in conformal coating to protec them from the usual damp envirnoment.


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Air flow data simply imported into Excel spread sheets -->

Air flow into LEFT port is blue, airflow into RIGHT port is inverted and coloured orange.


       £85 + delivery

(Big-Drip Logger not included)

Component parts used in the assembly.

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Top Hat fitted to reduce surface area in high rainfall envirnoments

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In it's protoype stage at present, but looking promising.

Laser measurements up to 100m

Heading 0-359 deg ( 6 axis compensated).

Inclinometer +/- 80 deg

999 Leg or Station positions

On site Self calibration method

Wireless battery charging via supplied USB pad

Almost unlimited data storage using removable SD micro card

Fits in palm of hand

All mag, accelerometer, heading, distance, inclinometer, leg or station setting and real time,data recorded

Vertical height of target calculated automatically

BUT, as you can see it's not waterproof yet and needs more tweeking to get the inclinometer data more accurate.

Expected avaliability in a few weeks time and costs around £250

Stand alone battery operated Auto Dialier

(From £ 195)

Operates for over 2 years on a set of standard AA batteries.

Four seperate latched inputs trigger up to 5 different stored text messages which can be sent to 10 different mobile numbers.

Weekly or monthly 'I'm Alive' message can be sent out automatically, together with a battery condition message.

Easy customer interface to change messages and phone numbers, via internal USB connector. No software to buy.

Quad band transciever.  IP67 enclosure for external use.

(Over 100 units in operation around the UK)

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Established in 2000 Goodsell systems Limited have provided numerous solutions to customers and maintain the same customers through the close customer-client relationship that has been established.

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CO2 data logger (upto 40,000ppm), also logs temperature and humidity . Will operate for over 1 year on one set of 'D' cells.

All data stored on removable micro SD card giving almost unlimited storage.

Includes display for setting to work or checking values in real time.

Ability to 'Force' a sample at any time or syncronise to an external sampling system.

Enclosure not pretty, but it does it's job well.


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CO2_Logger_Spec_6%_issue 1.pdf
CO2 6% Specification
CO2_6%_Logger_Calibration Method.pdf
Calibration method


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TINY-DRIP  Logger    (£135.00)

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 Very small but packed with similar electronics as the standard one.

Logs drip count up to 65K per sample period, 2 sample periods can be selected, 30min,1 hr.

Also logs temperature and real time.

Minimum water drip height required: 120mm

Will float, completely water tight.

Data stored on removable SD card.

Four year battery life.

(Note: no display, no Atmospheric pressure logging)

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 Bigger drip capture area but quite a flat module. Very sensitive, will capture drips from >30mm drop height.  

Will capture rain droplets without the need for a funnel.

The module is 70mm dia x 28mm high.

 Packed with similar electronics as the standard one.

Logs drip count up to 65K per sample period. 

Now has 8 sample periods that may be selected, 

1Sec, 1min, 10 min, 15 min, 30min,1 hr. 12 hr, 24 hr

Also logs temperature and real time.

Minimum water drip height required for normal setting: 60mm

Switch for extra sensitiviy now included, will capture drip height down to 30cm.

Will float, completely water tight.

Data stored on removable SD card.

Four year battery life (30 min and above sampling)

Will capture up to 20 drips/second

(Note: no display, no Atmospheric pressure logging)


Comes complete with SD card and battery fitted. As these units are so low powered they have no on/off switch, they are forever logging data.

If the SD card is removed they will carry on counting drips up to 65K and log the final count when an SD card is inserted.

The internal clock may now be set by the customer via a USB interface cable (supplied seperatly).

The extra sensitiviy mode is selectable via a small switch, the logger then becomes an ultra sensitive device and easily captures drips < 30mm drop height.

Extra modifications may be applied as to customers requirements, including ultra high sensitivity modes.

An external humidity, temperature sensor and atmospheric pressure sensor may be added as an optional extra module.

A 0.3m lead connected through the side of the base section goes to a accurate humidity sensor which also includes it's own temperature sensor, both mounted in a robust drip proof module.

An atmospheric pressure sensor may also be included within the same module.

Specification Document
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Can be used with the rainfall housing, easily clips inside. Very stable design.


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Logged data:

Date and time

4 x PM_/m3, particle Mass Concentration data bins

5 x PC_1cm/3, particle count Concentration data bins

Temperature in degC

There are 3 battery sections, only one section is required for normal logging for 3-4 months, the other two can be loaded if extended logging is required for over 12 months.

The batteries will automatically 'share' the load.

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 The main use for this unit is for show cave systems including the Eden Project for public display and for commercial greenhouse growers.

Battery operated, PIR sensor activated and ability to operate under harsh conditions. Enclosure is drip proof.

All data is logged in the background at 15 min, 30 min, or 1 hour sample rates onto micro sd card.

Internal fan purges the air before each CO2 reading is taken to ensure correct current values are displayed and logged.

A radio link may be added inside the housing to enable it to be positioned further into a cave system.

Enclosure size 180 x 180 x 60mm

A quad band Auto Dialer module may also be added inside the housing. This will send a text message to warn that the CO2 level has passed the pre-set trigger level of CO2 gas, levels up to 10,000ppm may be set.

Two mobile phone numbers can be included.

A standard USB cable and freeware software is used to load phone numbers and select the CO2 trigger threshold.

The waterproof case houses the electronis and batteries.

The batteries are standard off-the-shelf  'D' cell type batteries and should last for over a year in normal operation.

The electonics include a real time clock that can be set to initiate a sample logging period once evey 10minutes, every 30 minutes, once every hour,  and even once every 3 seconds, all selected by a small switch.

The sensor unit also houses an air temperature sensor, this temperature is logged at each sample period, along with left & right airflow values, airflow direction.

The logged data includes, date & time, air temperature going through the tube, 'raw' digital data from both sensors and airflow values in m/s from both sensors.

All data is logged onto a standard SD card and simply loads into excel type packages.

 A small display on the electronics board is used to initiate a diagnostics routine that allows instant review of the current air flow values, temperature values and current time.

This feature is a great tool for setting to work and for also giving a confidence check before leaving the equipment for a few months.




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10 min sampling_one day..pdf
Excel file showing graphs of airflow
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Rain fall logger housing, uses the 'Big-Drip' data logger to count the drips from the catchment funnel.  The funnel uses a 'wick' system to control the drip size and flow rate.

Easy to calibrate, poor in a known about of water and check the drip count before and after.

A pond filter foam insert in the funnel is used to catch any debris.

No moving parts, can be left for months.

The Big-Drip logger just rests into it's holder towards the base of the unit..

the base plate has 4 holes for fixing down or as shown using rocks or sandbags to hold it down in high wind envirnoments.

The base plate may be removed if required.

the funnel top section lifts off (2 small clips hold it onto the pipe) and the drip rate can be adusted by hand by tightning or loosening the plastic gland.

Designed to hold heavy rainfall captures (1 litre tank), the capture area can also be reduced by using the push on 'Top Hat' section

Does not require to be perfectly vertical (+/- 5 deg) when using with the 'Big-Drip' logger.

Total weight is less than 0.8kg, hieght 45cm.


Drip-In-Time logger may also be used within the housing.

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Rainfall Logger housing_4.pdf
Housing Specification
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