Specalist Alarm Systems

The GUARDIAN Alarm Unit

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Looks like a standard air quality monitoring unit......BUT IT'S NOT

It's an alarm module full of electronics

Price  £95  + VAT

Delivery £5

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A stand alone GSM alarm unit, specifically designed for monitoring empty or remote properties and buildings.

Incorporates a sensitive movement PIR detector that sends a text message to keyholders when activated.

Will run on one set of batteries for over a year, just right for monitoring empty or remote  properties with no power avaliable.

The user may include upto 5 mobile phone numbers and any text indicating the units location.  Simple USB interface and free software to change phone numbers, text and time setup.

 No contracts.

No noisey alarms, no flashing indicators, no fuss, just simple text messages (including the current time) sent to your key holders.

All the time the unit detects movement it will constantly keep send alarm text messages every 2 minutes.


No switches or buttons and the ability to take a good thumping! Text messages are sent long before the ability to forcefully disable the unit.

 Stand the unit upright and it's activated!, Turn it upside down and it wiill eventually turn it's self off (after sending alarm text messages).

Weekly, or monthly 'ok' message sent together with battery condition & room temperature every Wednesday at 12 noon.

Standard AA batteries used with over 1 year operation between changes.

Cheep to run, (GiffGaff SIM card less than £7 month with unlimted text)

Systems already in the field.


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