Electronic Design solutions

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Specalist in tough  environmental data logging

Long term, low power, low cost remote logging


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GSL Products

Environmental logging systems

Stalactite Drip count data loggers

Remote, battery operated C02, cave data loggers

Remote battery cave Temperature, Humidity & Atmospheric Pressure data loggers

Non contact Water height data loggers

Robust, water temperature loggers

NEW....Cave mapping data loggers

Remote Auto Dialer modules

Flood warning system for show caves

Cave airflow-direction logger

Drip Loggers

Cave air flow logger, dual direction, very sensitive, will operate for over 1 year on one set of batteries.

RS485 linked temperature monitoring systems, currently used in HMS ships

Bivvy, Carp fishing power pack units

Algea sonic cleaning systems for ponds, lakes, reservoirs, storage tanks.


Alarm systems for boats and empy properties



GSL Design

Electronic Prototype engineering.


Reverse engineering & redesign for military & commercial systems.


Fast circuit design, PCB design, build and testing undertaken.


37 years of electronic design covering analog, digital, CPLD design, high voltage, high current, low current, optical, Hotlink, Taxi, underwater, EMC, ........


High power designs (Mosfet switching 100KW).


Low nA battery designs.


Designs for military, oil industry, sonar & private sector.

Test equipment designs for military & commercial

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GSL Software

 software for all types of platforms undertaken, including military.

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