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               ELECTRIC FISH







Ideal for charging phone's, tablets, radio, head torches, bait boats, great for festivals & much more.


Comes complete with a desktop battery charger, reading lamp, small fan, QI mobile phone charger and storage area to keep phones and other small electronic items safe and dry. Amazing floodlighting power from 2 special high power COB LEDs.

Lights up the way while carrying by the handle.

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Standard Camo pattern 5L bucket with handle and clip-on-lid.

12V, 7AH battery, securely fitted to internal base plate.

1 x standard car Cigarette output Socket, 12V, 10A max

2 x USB Sockets, 5V,  2.1A each

Integrated Volt meter to monitor battery condition.

2 x VERY HIGH power COB LED’s, 6000K CCT output each, flooding a very large area.

Switch to turn USB outputs on and monitoring Volt meter

Switch to turn floodlight LED’s on

Switch to dim LED’s for night reading & general low level lighting (as shown in above picture).

Fuse, 10A, (standard car fuse type) mounted inside unit.

Separate, desktop battery charger module, 1.3A, with LED charge indicators.

Soft lined storage area, 24 x 20 x 6 cm, plenty of room for electronic items.

USB bendy reading lamp and small bendy USB fan.

QI charger module

Total weight, <3kg



These units are built in the UK and engineered to a high specification, they are also fully electrically soak tested under load for 24 hours as part of the QA procedure.

Each unit is tested with full LED  floodlighting on for 24 hours to ensure battery and LED specifications are meet.


Guaranteed for 3 months under normal use.


Note, the battery voltage must not go below 11V during use, or left stored and uncharged below 12Volts.

Never leave your battery in a discharged state.

When a battery has been fully charged it can quite happily be stored away for 2-3 months. However when a battery is flat, storing it for this period would almost certainly damage it beyond repair.

Also note, the COB LEDs will run hot, they are designed to run continually at this temperature.

Lamp and fan may be different types and colour.